Sun Bumps

by Anonymous

I still have the scars left behind as a result of a really bad sun allergy outbreak three years ago.

For some reason my hands are incredibly sensitive to major changes in weather, especially in the summer. I live in an area where the summers are very short, so I am not used to the heat.

Though I was mostly in the shade in my lawn chair, I was holding a book facing the sun and my hands were exposed to the light.

After a while my hands felt uncomfortably warm and I noticed that they were slightly swollen.

I doused them in cold water hoping to temper the burn, thinking that they were simply from the sunburn.

A few hours later my hands became unbearably itchy and I was scratching at them and rubbing them against rough surfaces.

Pretty soon afterward the tops of both hands were covered in tiny bumps, about the size of Goosebumps.

Of course I had not learned my lesson well enough and I continued to make the problem worse by scratching some more.

The bumps I scratched the most got larger and some burst, releasing a clear liquid. One particular large bump left a scar when I ruptured it and I still have that scar.

I do not want this to happen again, so I pay attention to the heat on my hands and if they get too warm, I use an ice water bath and resist the urge to scratch, which only makes the problem so much worse.

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