Swim Shirt and Sun Safety

by Lynne
(Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

Swim shirts are a great way to keep your children safe in the sun. Many young children don’t like to wear sunscreen or have allergic reactions to the chemicals in the sunscreen.

According to doctors, children under the ages of 6 months shouldn’t be using sunscreen. What should a parent do to keep their children safe in the sun?

By using a swim shirt, you can keep your children safe in the sun and ensure that they don’t get sunburnt.

Swim shirts come in all sorts of patterns and styles. In addition to keeping your children sunburn free, they are also very stylish.

Even if your child is older, a swim shirt is still a great investment. If your child enjoys water sports like surfing, a swim shirt is a great investment.

Many sunscreens wash off in the water. Others may require frequent applications to keep your child safe in the sun.

This can be bothersome and many teens will just not reapply the sunscreen. This puts them in risk for sunburn or other complications from sun exposure.

Swim shirts are also a great idea for your teenage daughter! Many fashionable tops are not so modest.

A swim shirt allows teen girls to be fashionable and modest at the same time. In addition, if your teen daughter is active and likes to participate in water sports, she may like swim tops because they have no strings which might get caught or untie during activities.

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