Swim Shirt equals Sun protection

by Eva B
(Long Island, NY, USA)

My son is the palest child you will ever see. Blue eyes, blond hair, and skin so white he practically glows in the dark.

The upside is that you don’t have to worry too much about streaks of white sunblock showing. They blend right into his bleach white skin.

You do however have to worry about missing spots with the sunblock. Impenetrable sun protection is a necessary part of a happy day on the water.

Adding swim shirt to his swim shorts has made for many happier days near the water.

I don’t have to worry that the slide will rub off the lotion when his swim shirt is blocking the sun’s uv rays.

A baby with a sunburn is not a happy child. Trust me. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. Now at least I know his belly and back will be unburned.

A shirt also makes for fewer and easier play interruptions. Getting sunscreen onto just his face, arms and legs is manageable.

A full body rub down was needed before I added a swim shirt and hat to his ensemble and neither of us enjoyed it.

A swim shirt also helps protect from abrasions. I can let him happily rub sand all over himself or go down the slide without worrying that he’ll scratch or stick.

I also don’t have to worry that he’s rubbing holes in the protection provided by sun lotion. His shirt takes a beating far better than his skin or a topical layer ever could.

A swim shirt is essential when swimming with a toddler.

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