That’s Kids Swimwear
Not a Swim Diaper!

by Emily
(Orlando, FL, USA)

The suit seemed perfect, a modest little one piece for a perfect little girl. The petite princess seemed to like it.

It was hard to tell since she was only sixteen months old but she’d definitely been excited by the word “swim.”

There had been a two week break since their swim lesson session had ended and mother and child were both ready to get back to the pool.

Towards the end of the last session the princess had had a growth spurt. Two inches and three pounds had changed the fit of her suit and Mother had used the break to shop for a new one.

The bikinis had been rejected out of hand. “Those aren’t kid’s swimwear,” Mother thought. She wanted something more discrete and not even vaguely provocative.

Wrestling into the one piece in the dressing room was a bit of a challenge. Thankfully it had a built in swim diaper. One more small hole to put a chubby little leg through was one more than Mother cared to see.

The first bit of the lesson went well but then the children got out of the water to sit on the side.


Mother noticed the disgusting leak immediately and scooped up the princess for a quick trip to the dressing room.

Once there, she had no idea how to proceed.

A wet swimsuit is hard enough to get off a wiggly toddler. Having a large water and waste retaining sack sewn into it turns a challenge into a horror.

When choosing kids swimwear, make sure the swim diaper is easily removable and replaceable or you may find your trip to the pool cut horribly short.

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