The Best Rash Guard Ever

by Lee

I work in a nursing home with just a little over 100 patients and there are always problems with rashes. Rashes ranging from incontinence rashes, to basic skin irritations.

For a while we used different kinds of rash creams and rash guards. Because some worked for some people, but not others and we were trying to find something that would work for everyone.

If we could find just one kind of rash guard that worked on everyone, it would save the nursing home, and patients and their families, a lot of money.

Also, we wanted something that could be used for multiple purposes. From healing an existing rash, to being used as a preventative to prevent the spread or start of a new rash.

We needed a rash guard strong enough to heal serious incontinence rashes, but gentle enough as to not irritate elderly skin.

We also needed something that would not interfere with any other topical creams the patient may have been using, and the rash guard had to not interfere with any medication the patient was taking.

This proved to be a very difficult and daunting task. At times we had up to 6 different creams being used and it became very frustrating trying to remember which cream was supposed to be used on which patient, and which cream was used to which rash.

Finally, someone stumbled across Calmoseptine. This rash guard is amazing!

It heals and prevents all kind of rashes and it is gentle enough to use on a baby's diaper rash! Needless to say, this is the only cream we use now.

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