The Herbal Rash Guard I Have Used

by Carson

I use to get rashes whenever I go in the sun. Initially I couldn't make out the reason for the rashes hence I felt that it is due to some food allergy or stuffs.

I stopped to have eggs, fish and few items but still the rashes remained.

Then I was sick I had to stay inside my house for a week without going in the sun.

It was then that I have noticed that the rashes where due to the exposure of my skin to the sun.

I consulted a doctor regarding the rashes and he had prescribed me a herbal sunscreen of the brand Himalaya.

I started using the sunscreen the very next day and found quick relief of the rashes. Now I use it daily whenever I step outside in the sun.

The rashes are now gone for ever and my skin looks healthy and well. I have been using the cream for almost a year now.

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