Tips from Days of Equatorial Construction Work

by Richard Stone
(Dallas, TX, USA)

Most outdoor activities all have one thing in common, and that’s exposure to the sun.

The sun can bring lovely and warm feelings and at the same time wreak devastating and life-lasting effects on the health of our skin.

It is an established medical fact that the skin is the Human's largest organ.

What most people don't realize is just how quickly the sun can go to work on our skin cells.

But how can you combat the radiating UV rays that come along with summer sun?

I'll let you know a secret, a tip that I learned working in Central and South America that saved my skin day to day, no pun intended.

The trick is very simple and yet seems very backwards. The answer? Cover your skin with sun protection clothing.

"Wouldn't covering up more in the sunlight just make you hotter?" some of you may be asking.

Just look at any outdoor worksite and you will notice many of the "smarter" workers will be wearing long-sleeved shirt and sun protection hat.

There are two benefits of blocking the suns rays onto your skin.

First, the rays will not evaporate sweat as quickly and your clothes will receive most of the heat of the sunlight.

Second, because your skin is not exposed to the sunlight you will be protected from harmful UV rays that have been linked to skin cancer and other skin ailments.

So here is my tip: don't be afraid to cover your skin in the sun!

It is the best way to stay cool and have healthy skin.

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