Veganism Caused Vitamin D Deficiency

by Agyness Deyn
(Brookyln, NY, USA)

I used to be a vegan. I wish I could still be a vegan, but because I was not careful with my diet, I developed a vitamin D Deficiency and had to stop.

I live in Rochester, NY which is a relatively cold climate with little sunlight. I also am Asian, with dark skin, and that also put me at risk.

I was not eating any natural Sources of Vitamin D, nor was I taking vitamins, or eating any foods fortified with vitamin D.

I started to have painful muscle aches and spasms. I had never had teeth cavities before and I got 3 in one year.

My doctor finally diagnosed me with serious vitamin D deficiency.

I was ordered to spend time out in the sun, take a vitamin D and calcium supplement in addition to a general multivitamin, and end my vegan diet.

I was specifically told to eat foods like salmon, eggs, milk, and other fish.

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