Water Balloons: Old Fashioned Fun

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

Last summer, my office held a company picnic at a local park and I was in charge of organizing it and figuring out fun things for the kids to do while the adults visited and ate and whatever.

I remembered as a kid myself that I loved playing with water balloons.

I found some water balloons at a local store that were environmentally friendly (100% compostable and biodegradable) and filled them up at home.

I had 400 of them! I took them to the park for the picnic and the kids LOVED them.

The funny thing was that the adults got in there and played with the kids.

I think the adults had as good of a time playing with those water balloons as the kids did or more!

It was a great time and it was over 90 degrees outside, so the cooling water was welcomed.

This old fashioned game was a real hit and I know it will be used again next year if we have a company picnic.

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