Wee Wave Swimwear for Infants

by Kat
(Memphis, TN, USA)

This past summer I purchased Wee Wave swimwear accessories for my 12 month old daughter. The accessories included Wee Wave's swim diaper, which is basically a cloth diaper with a liner on the outside.

The inside of the diaper is made of very soft terrycloth-like cotton, and the outside of the “diapers” come in several different adorable prints for both girls and boys.

You use the pants in the place of a real diaper—no more bloated disposable diapers coming out of the water or polluting the pool!

Along with the swim diaper I also bought Wee Wave's matching swim t-shirt. It is a comfortable little swim shirt which is a little bit stretchy, and comes in prints which match the swim diaper.

I also added the hat, which was an adorable wide-brimmed sun hat with a tiny velcro strap which sits just under the chin.

All of Wee Wave's swim accessories have built-in SPF 50 for your little one and come in different month/weight sizes. Isn't that awesome?

Of course, I still used sunscreen on exposed areas of baby's body. The best part about Wee Wave's protective infant swimwear accessories?

The whole outfit only cost me about $15-$20 altogether!

Wee Wave's protective infant swimwear items are sold separately, so you can buy the whole outfit or just the diaper or t-shirt, etc.

I bought mine at Kmart and at that time they were around $5.00 a piece or so. You can buy matching adorable prints, or mix them up, because they are conveniently packaged separately.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these next summer as well!

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