What I've Learned About Sun Protection Umbrellas

by Amanda
(Greenfield, MA, USA)

Though I have always kept an umbrella or two in my car in case of rainy days, I hadn't ever considered keeping one around to protect me from the sun until recently.

I have very fair skin, so I am constantly worried about sun damage. I always wear sunblock and take precautions like that, but I was recently told that I may want to carry a Sun Protection Umbrella as well.

The sun here can often be extreme. Even during the winter, I worry about getting a sunburn. I have learned that a good sun protection umbrella can protect me from up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The ones that I have looked at also will hold up during the rain, which means I don't have to carry multiple umbrellas in my car.

A sun protection umbrella is also a great thing to have for my children. I obviously can't make them stay inside on sunny days, especially when I need to run errands.

However, with an umbrella to protect us from the sun, I can easily carry them around without having to be fearful of sun damage. This is also something I can do for trips to the beach during the summer.

I feel as if there is not enough I can do to keep myself and my family safe from the sun UV rays.

I am grateful to have found out about another item that I can use to protect me and my children. A good sun protection umbrella is sure to become another one of my sunny day staples.

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