Whisper... Frown... the Train? What?

by Terry

My favorite party game as a child was Whisper Down the Lane. For those that don't know, all of the party guests line up next to each other.

The person at the front of the line thinks of a popular catch phrase or person, place, or thing.

Then he or she whispers to the next person in line that saying. Each person passes the phrase down the line until it gets to the very last person.

The last person has to say the phrase regardless of how silly it may seem. Obviously, more people = more mess ups = more fun.

One very memorable time was at my cousin's birthday party. His father, my uncle, whispered the phrase "Holy cow, Batman".

What came out at the end caused the entire line of 7 year olds to crack up with fits of laughter:

"Hold the towel, Fatman!"

I tried to resurrect the game quite a few times among friends my age. However, the idea never really took off.

You need to play with those of innocent minds rather than those whose minds are in the gutter.

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