Whofenstein? Wolfenstein.

by Richard
(Dallas, TX, USA)

In the mid nineteen-nineties computer game technology was on the verge of taking gaming to every home in the nation, nonetheless in my case.

One of the games I remember the most was Wolfenstein for PC.

Wolfenstein revolutionized 3-D FPS computer games and ushered in an era of mainstream FPS-style games to the masses in games such as Rise of the Triad and the cult classic Doom by id Software.

The game came on an assortment of 1.44 MB floppy disks and took a much longer time to install than other computer games of the time.

I couldn't wait. I finally had Wolfenstein and I had a new computer that could run new video games.

The progress bar hit 100% and my fingers hit the keyboard and didn't leave for 12 hours.

The graphics were awesome. I played Wolfenstein until my fingers were numb and then some.

The weapons were just as awesome. Four weapons, beginning with a standard pistol and going up to the chaingun.

Weekends home from school my mother and sister would watch "Mommy Dearest" and I would be up late shooting zombies and their pet Doberman pinschers. And life was fantastic.

I would give anything to go back to those days. Days when games were original and not lackluster like today's games.

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