You May Look Funny with Sun Protection Umbrella

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, MI, USA)

You may think you look funny sitting out at the beach with one big beach sun protection umbrella, but trust me; in the long run you will be thankful that you decided to use one.

This summer that just passed my husband, kids and I went on a picnic at the beach at Lake Michigan.

My husband who has always tried to stay out of the sun once again brought his beach umbrella with him which our two sons just laughed and laughed at him for.

Well, when we got home later that evening and tried to get some sleep; my husband was the only one who was laughing and laughing.

Our two sons and I were burnt to a crisp! We did use sun tan lotion, but it did not protect us at all like it should!

While we were sitting in the sun burning like lobsters, my husband was sitting cool in the shade of his Sun Protection Umbrella.

After arriving home, showering and re-dressing my sons and me couldn't move for the fact that even small movements made us want to cry out in pain.

If only we had crawled on under that umbrella instead of sitting in the direct sun light laughing at him.

From now on I know that for our family we will surely be using a sun protection umbrella if we are going to be spending any time at all out at the beach or anywhere in the direct heat and rays of the sun!

Patio umbrella

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