Macular Degeneration Symptoms

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Macular degeneration symptoms (mac-deg-sym) may not be very clear and concise in the beginning. Just like my friend who had to deal with macular degeneration and had no idea first.

Mac-deg-symptoms could include a variety of issues and discomforts. However, a change in your vision could be due to many diseases and conditions.

As my friend had noticed in the beginning of her condition, the symptoms could include the following in its preliminary stages:

Macular Degeneration

• Stinging in your eye

• Seeing stuff floating in your eye (floaters)

• Feeling of discomfort in either one of your eyes

• Feeling there is something in your eye

• Headache

• Itching in your eye

Then after several months and perhaps up to several years, mac-deg-symptoms could take a turn for the worse and include,

• Problems with your vision

• Seeing black spots in your vision

• Seeing straight lines or objects, crooked and wavy

• Blurry vision

Along with these mac-deg-symptoms, internal bleeding of the eye for wet macular degeneration is almost unavoidable unless treated with laser.

In the late stages,

• You could see a dark spot in the center of your vision

• You may lose sharpness and clarity of your vision

• You may feel depressed

• You may need additional lighting

The way macular degeneration symptoms work is that you may be lucky and never reach the late stages.

This could happen if you catch it in time. Many times your Ophthalmologist can catch this during an annual eye exam.

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