UV Index and You

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How to Receive Your Daily UV Alert?

UV index or ultraviolet index plays a great role in predicting the amount of ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays which you will be receiving on that day in your area.

This UV index(UVI), was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Weather Service.

This will help you plan your daily sun protection accordingly, in order to avoid sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation which are very dangerous to your skin and eyes.

Please read UV rays for more information.

How Can UV Index Benefit You?

The UV index forecasts how intense the ultraviolet radiation will be on that day and also on the next several days.

Therefore, you will know what kind of sun protective clothing or products to use.

Ever since the hole in the ozone layer was discovered, sun protection has become even more important.

The weather satellite, satellite map, world weather forecast, local weather radar and your local weather forecast are all part of this.

How is the UV Index Rated?

The UVI is rated on a scale of 1 to 11 plus. The range of 1 to 2 represents the low end of the UV exposure risk.

The range of 8 to 10 is very high risk and anything above 11 is extremely high risk.

• 0 to 2 is Low Exposure Level

• 3 to 5 is Moderate Exposure Level

• 6 to 7 is High Exposure Level

8 to 10 is Very High Exposure Level

• 11 and higher is Extreme Exposure Level

This UVI value is derived by dividing the forecast dosage by 25 milliwatts per square meter.

This rating system also takes into account the local conditions, and the cloud cover for each area, which could affect the amount of UV rays that reach you.

You can also buy a UV meter for your own personal measuring needs.

How Should You React to These Numbers?

If you must be outdoors, then the higher the UV index the more sun protection you need.

For instance, when the forecast calls for a UVI of 10 that means you have to wear

Sun protection clothing

• UV sun glasses ( baby sunglasses )

• UV wide brimmed sun protection hat

• and Organic sunscreen.

UV radiation starts low in the early morning and reaches its maximum level (10 in our example) about the solar noon.

The UV levels start to drop as you move into the late afternoon hours.

Between 10:00am and 4:00pm is the worst time and everyone must try to avoid the sun between these hours. Be sun safe.

Depending on where you are and whether you are in a day light time saving zone, the solar noon happens between 12:00 and 2:00pm where sun is at its highest point.

What is at Risk Here?

A. Your Skin

1. Intense short term over exposure will cause severe sunburn

2. Multiple short terms of over exposure will increase skin cancer risks like malignant melanoma

3. Long term over exposure will cause non-melanoma skin cancers such as squamous cell skin cancer

4. Rosacea which is a redness of the cheeks, forehead and the nose can be triggered

B. Your Eyes

1. Long term over exposure will ruin the eye sight by formation of cataracts

2. UV radiation can reach the back of the eye and ruin the macula which handles your central vision.

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