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Taking vitamin D supplements in pill form is the most commonly known method of fortifying your diet.

Because people are spending more and more time out of the sun or otherwise protected by sunscreen and clothing, we do not absorb as much sunlight and thus create as much vitamin D as our ancestors did.

This means that in order to get enough vitamin D in our daily lives we have had to get it by other methods including artificial sunlight (i.e. tanning salons) and through our diets.

There are a couple different ways to get vitamin D through food. Vitamin D supplements are very easy to consume and it does not take a lot of effort to make sure you are getting enough of this critical vitamin through this method.

In addition to pills, there are other ways to get vitamin D through your diet a well. There are actually a lot of foods that contain small amounts of vitamin D naturally, such as eggs, beef liver and most kinds of fatty fish, such as tuna, salmon, cod, mackerel, etc.

vitamin d supplements

Taking cod liver oil supplements is also a great way to get vitamin D as well as vitamin A and omega fatty acids, but one should take care not to get too much of those.

While it is difficult to overdose on vitamin D, fish oil also contains a lot of vitamin A, which is comparatively easy to get too much of, and overdosing on that can be very bad for your health.

Many modern foods are now fortified with vitamin D as well. This simply makes it easier and more convenient to get enough vitamin D without forcing people to alter their daily routine. You can easily find vitamin D fortified orange juice, milk, flour and many pre-packaged foods available at any grocery store.

Of course, vitamin D is so important to the overall health of both your body and of your mind that there is no best method to getting it.

Why choose when you can make use of them all?

Use foods fortified with vitamin D, add some vitamin D supplements to your daily routine, and make sure you are getting a decent amount of foods that naturally contain vitamin D in your diet.

When considering buying vitamin D supplements , you may be wondering how much is enough or perhaps even,

How much is too much?

The FDA set the upper level intake limit on vitamin D intake at 2000 IUs (International Units) a day, but studies since then have shown that limit to be far too low and the new limit has been raised.

It turns out to maintain healthy skin and bones, aid cardiovascular health and help decrease the skin cancer risks, adults should be getting at least 1000 IUs per day, with a safe upper limit of 10,000 IUs or so.

Do not go above this, as vitamin D toxicity is not good for your kidneys and may actually result in bone loss and high blood pressure as calcium is leeched into your blood stream, but you have to take a lot of vitamin D for an extended period of time to get to this point.

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