Abercrombie Board Shorts Keep My Thighs White

by Chris
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

My thighs would always burn and I had no idea why. My legs were normally okay and most other parts of my body usually tanned pretty nicely, though shoulders always needed the best sunscreen.

But my thighs always burned and that bothered me a lot, because I'm the type that always wants to be outside, on the beach, in the water, etc.

The answer was board shorts. The first pair, which is still one of my favorites, is a blue pair of Abercrombie board shorts with orange Hawaiian flowers on them.

They covered everything from waist to knee, and even had cargo pockets to boot!

I used to always think that the shorter bathing suit look was a little bit more mature looking for a guy, but with a good pair of board shorts there are no problems.

If I have a bunch of stuff to do in the day but expect to make it to the water by day's end, I can wear a nicer pair of shorts around without anyone even knowing they are doubling as a bathing suit!

You can find them pretty much anywhere these days, and the options are so vast that you can definitely find a style and a price that fits your look.

Keep those thighs white.
Happy Shopping!

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