Age Spots or Skin Cancer

by Norene
(Middleboro, MA, USA)

When I was in my late thirties I noticed that I had a dark brown spot about the size of an eraser on my index finger on my right hand.

Hearing that woman start to develop age spots which were brown, I did not think much about it.

After several months I started to see a lot of Skin Cancer commercials and what to look for and I got a little scared. This tiny dot on my finger was starting to worry me.

I made an appointment at the dermatologist and he said he would remove the spot and send it to pathology.

Easy enough I thought and He did it right in his office. The Doctor removed it and it was frozen and didn't hurt.

He said I would feel a tightening for a while but in time that would go away, which it did.

The pathology came back as precancerous dysplasia. The changes that if I had waited, would have turned into cancer eventually.

So I was lucky!

If you have any dark spots that you are concerned about please have them checked out by a dermatologist.

I am thankful I did!

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