Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery
as Your Lifeline to a Normal Life

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Luckily for us, skin cancer reconstructive surgery is here. It restores the normal appearance and function of the skin affected by the disease, which definitely goes a long way towards boosting our morale.

After all, who wants to go around looking with patches of lacking skin?

Or you may be hesitant to become more sociable because the deformities of your lips, nose or ears, maybe even of the eyes. Well, say goodbye to all these ego problems with skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

Why the Need for It?

In most instances, effective treatment of skin cancer means surgical excision of the diseases cells, oftentimes along with the surrounding healthy cells. This will inevitably result in visible scars and other flaws if and when your doctor does not know how to minimize them.

Even when surgical excision is not required, as in the case of curettage and desiccation as well as cryosurgery, scars will still be visible. Again, reconstructive surgery may be necessary.

skin cancer reconstructive surgery

You may wonder why the seemingly obsessive focus on avoiding scars and deformities with skin cancer. Well, as previously implied, our society can be superficial in that physical appearance.

So, as much as possible, we should present our best faces forward, of which skin cancer may have marred in one way or another.

What Techniques Are Used?

The techniques of skin cancer reconstructive surgery will vary according to the type of the skin disease that you have at present.

If you have basal or squamous cell skin cancer in its early stages, your doctor can remove them with ease. Plus, you will have little to no scars on the excision site.

However, if your skin cancer has progressed into larger areas or if your have malignant melanoma, the excision points will be bigger, too. This time, big scars and deformities can be seen.

Thus, you will see patients with large flaps of skin missing from their cheeks, noses, lips and necks, to mention a few places. No matter how you look at it, these physical flaws are not things that you can be proud of unlike, say, a beauty spot.

So, the question remains: What are the techniques used in reconstructive surgery for skin cancer?

Well, there are many, of which skin flaps are the most common amongst patients.

Basically, your surgeon harvests living skin from another part of your body or from a donor. Then, it is transferred to the affected site and allowed to heal for a few weeks. In time, the flap will look, feel and act like the rest of your skin.

When it comes to getting your morale back on track after suffering through the disease's emotional and physical toll, reconstructive surgery has no equal.

Not only will it give you back your previously beautiful appearance and your skin's normal functions but it will also go a long way towards overcoming the trauma of skin cancer.

Still, it must be emphasized that skin cancer reconstructive surgery or none, the most effective prevention methods are always better than the most effective treatment. Always make sure that you have more than sufficient UV protection with uv protection clothing and accessories as well as the right organic sunscreen.

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