Always Bring Your Beach Umbrella!

by John
(New York, NY, USA)

Beach umbrellas are a definite must when you make the trek to the beach.

The sun is extremely strong and the UV rays of the sun beating down on you in the summer are not good for you or your skin.

Beach umbrellas do not need to be large, just big enough to provide some shade for the spot you pick out.

The newer umbrellas now come with clamps on them so that they can hook onto your chair or really anything.

Beach umbrellas are a small investment since you can find one for under the price of one Andrew Jackson. The benefits of a beach umbrella clearly outweigh the negatives of not having one.

Going to a beach without one is like going to play in a baseball game without a glove.

It is definitely needed, and your body will thank you down the road when it doesn’t have skin cancer due to you using an umbrella.

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