Beach Hats for Children by Sunday Afternoons

If you're looking for beach hats for your children, Sunday Afternoons provides a few solutions that will help protect your child from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Children have very sensitive skin that can burn very easily in a short period of time. Wearing a sun hat will cover up their head and also protect their face if you choose the right hat.

Kids Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is the perfect style of beach hats for kids because they have a wide brim on them. The wide brim is what helps protect the child from the sun.

The brim on this hat is wide enough to shade their entire face even if they're out in the sun so you don't have to worry about them being burned.

Slabbing some sunscreen on them still isn't a bad idea though considering it will provide some extra sun protection.

The Bucket Hat from Sunday Afternoons has UPF rating of 50+ and is made of a light, breathable fabric that provides some ventilation.

This will help keep your child cool in the heat. It features internal sizing to ensure the best possible fit for your child.

Kids Explorer Hat

Some beach hats have brims but this particular hat is made a bit differently yet still provides the UV protection that you're looking for.

The Explorer Hat has a 6" cape on it that protects the neck and ears and it also has a 2.5" brim to help provide sun protection for their face.

It is made with Certified Sun Fabric that blocks 98% of UV rays. There is also an internal moisture wicking sweatband to keep sweat out of your child's eyes on those scorching days.

Kids Sun Dancer Hat

The Sun Dancer Hat is exudes style while providing sun protection at the same time. It's available in both lilac and periwinkle and features a waterfall veil in the back to protect your child's neck.

It has a full coverage front brim, a moisture wicking sweatband and rear size adjustment to create the perfect fit.

The Certified Sun Fabric blocks 98% of UV rays to provide great sun protection to keep your child's skin from getting burned.

Beach hats by Sunday Afternoons are very affordable and will last for a long time. Their styles are cute and stylish enough so that even the pickiest of children should be able to find a style that they like.

These hats would be perfect for afternoons at the beach or swimming pool, during outside play dates or even summer camp.

Sunscreen goes a long way to protect the skin from UV rays, but it isn't always enough. Beach hats provide an extra layer of sun protection for the parts of your child that are hit most by the sun's rays - they're head, neck and face.

Whatever style hat you choose for your child, make sure that it has a wide enough brim on it to keep their face and head protected.

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