Biking to Work in Sunny and Humid Conditions

by Clayton

It was a couple of years ago when the TTC (the transit system in my city) went on a one day strike.

At the time it took me 2 hours to get work by public transit. Anyways, it was a bright sunny day and I decided that I'd just hop on my bike and see how far I could go. I'd figured if I got really tired I would just call in 'sick' for the day.

I calculated it would take me 3 hours to get to work on my bike. Don't ask me how I figured that out, it made sense at the time.

So I started out with a change of clothes in backpack and a bottle of water.

After an hour I was feeling pretty good, I felt I could get to work slowly but surely. My shift started at 3pm, so I had the afternoon to get to work.

As I rode the humidity really kicked in. I had the sun in my eyes and I forgot to bring a hat.

Two hours in I was at the half way point, figured I could still make it. I was still feeling pretty good.

At the third hour I didn't make that much progress and was moving very slowly. There was more distance behind me than in front of me to get to work.

So I kept going.

At fourth hour, I was in really bad shape, I was sweating like crazy, I was having a hard time focusing and was feeling confused. But I was almost to work.

I actually slumped against a bus shelter for 20 minutes before moving on. I made it to work and my boss was a little freaked out by my story.

I think somewhere along the line sun stroke kicked. I should have just stayed home. Thankfully I recovered the next day after a lot of rest.

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