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Sun stroke which is also known as heatstroke could put your life in great danger. Your heat stroke symptoms include being confused, feeling dizzy and even fainting.

sun stroke

Just a few weeks ago, my father arrived home feeling dizzy. Also, he was not able to speak clearly.

He was suffering from heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Apparently, he had gotten into a car that had been parked under the sun the whole morning.

So by noon time the temperature inside the car must have been well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, because it was about 95 degrees outside.

In its early stage which is called Hyperthermia, your body is receiving more heat than it can handle.

In other words, it can not release the heat fast enough to keep you cool.

Before calling 911, my mom gave him some water and let him lay down and elevated his legs. She also applied cold compress (cold wet towel) to his face and neck.

Since the room was air conditioned, he came around and the danger went away.

Because of his age he was seen by his own doctor later, just to be sure.

How Do You Avoid a Heatstroke?

• Let the air conditioning in your hot car, run for a few minutes before entering

• Park your car in the shade if possible

Avoid outdoor activities between 10:00am and 4:00pm to avoid heat exhaustion

• Wear loose and spf clothing so your body can cool itself

• Wear a wide brimmed sun protection hat to help you stay cool and avoid heatstroke

• Use a sun protection umbrella to keep your body temperature low and avoid sun stroke

Drink plenty of water

What Are the Sun Stroke Symptoms?

The symptoms are similar to that of heat stroke symptoms.

• Your blood pressure may drop due to dehydration

• You may have a headache

• You may feel confused

• You may feel dizzy and even faint or pass out

• You may not be able to speak clearly

• Your respiration rate will increase

• Your heart rate will increase

• You may feel nauseated or even temporary blindness

Always consult with your doctor first and avoid the sun. In case of an emergency call paramedics or 911.

Prevention of sun stroke or heatstroke is part of a well organized sun protection plan.

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