Borrowed Board Shorts

by Cris
(Provo, Utah, USA)

I was at my friend's apartment, and we decided to jump in the hot tub of the complex.

I didn't bring my pair of board shorts, but he had been a surfer before and had a bunch, so I borrowed a pair of his board shorts.

I thought he was really similar in size to me, but he's actually a few pounds heavier. I put on the board shorts, and noticed that they were a little loose, but not too bad.

So we walked out to the hot tub and hopped in. It was my friend, his cousin, and myself. There were a few guys in the hot tub already, but not a lot.

We got in, the water was good and we were just having a good time. Pretty soon, some girls came over and got in too.

I didn't think much of, and was starting to get kind of hot, because the tub's temperature was pretty high.

So I stood up to get out, and only then noticed that the board shorts were a lot looser wet.

I only barely was able to snatch them from falling about halfway down my behind as I got out of the water.

So the morals of the story are to make sure you have your own pair of board shorts handy, and if not, make sure that the borrowed pair fit well.

If not, you might be showing the whole neighborhood what you got underneath them.

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