Cantilever Umbrella Offers Unparalleled Sun Protection

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Cantilever umbrella, also known as offset umbrella, offers unparalleled sun protection for anyone seeking to enjoy a great deal of time outdoors.

This umbrella is basically connected to a single freestanding pole. It can be adjusted to shade consumers from the sun or rain and a number of different positions.

Many of these cantilever umbrellas are large enough to shade more than one user, thus making it possible to cover several chairs and a small table on the patio or poolside setting.

It is often the choice for many people looking to have ultimate sun protection without having to take up the space usually needed by a typical patio umbrella.

cantilever umbrella

What Size and Shape are Available in Cantilever Umbrellas?

Fortunately, consumers will be happy to find that cantilever-umbrellas are available in quite a few different sizes and shapes. Prices will very also depending upon size and shape.

Typically, cantilever-umbrellas are available from 9 to 13 feet in diameter. Cantilever-umbrellas are manufactured with a number of different materials such as linen.

Consumers seeking to find cantilevers and relatives that are less expensive should find ones that are manufactured using polyester. Prices will also vary depending upon the material used to manufacture cantilever umbrella poles.

Materials used to manufacture poles include stands made from metal, wood and possibly hard plastic. Since these are typical outdoor umbrellas, manufactures have designed them so they are stable enough to withstand windy weather.

Cantilever-umbrellas offer space saving designs

Owning a cantilever-umbrella offers consumers a space-saving design while also protecting consumers from the damaging rays of the scorching sun.

It is important for any outdoor enthusiasts to consider what damage might occur to skin health with repeated exposure to the sun.

Placing a cantilever-umbrella on an outdoor patio or backyard deck allows consumers the opportunity to escape from damaging UV radiation. Enjoying the outdoors should not have to result in eventually exposing oneself to skin cancer.

Costs Will Vary

Depending upon manufacturing materials and design, high-end cantilever-umbrellas may have a hefty price tag of more than $1000.

However, there are plenty of choices from other cantilever-umbrellas that are more reasonably priced and can be well within anyone's budget from about $100-$200.

Also, consider that the price will vary depending upon where the item is purchased, whether it is in season and if the brand name is quite popular.

Consumers that take the time and effort to examine the availability of cantilever-umbrellas on the market will be able to find models that can suit specific particular needs as well as be quite fashionable.

The choices are practically endless and will be based on a number of different personal preferences. Many consumers should online research of cantilever-umbrellas in order to gain a better understanding before making any financial investment.

Since the Internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days per week, it is the preferred choice for learning about cantilever-umbrellas.

Plus, you will be able to a number of different images depicting the variety of uses that homeowners put cantilever umbrellas to work.

By taking the time to investigate cantilever umbrella online, consumers will position themselves to have the right and proper information in order to make a wise and prudent buying decision.

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