Car Window Tint
The Basics You Need to Know for Your Protection

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Your car window tint shows how much you value the appearance of your car. You will not admit it but you choose the tint as an added feature to your car and if it turns heads and gets envious stares, you have done well. But car tinting is beyond features; it is safety first before anything else.

Avoiding Heat Stroke in the Car

Car window tint is nothing to be shrugged off. Even the exotic Koenigsegg CCXR car had to be tinted to prevent its proud would-be owner from enduring a heat stroke while speeding down the highway.

Inside the safety of your car, you have to be sure you have everything down to pat. First in the list is your safety because a heat stroke can strike anytime. Make sure then that your car windows and windshield are tinted and let your car stay in the shade when it is parked.

Your car window tint does not only protect you from heat strokes, it also effectively blocks deadly cancer-causing UV rays. Even if you use UV protection shades and slap on a lather of sunblock, you still need to tint your car windows to prevent ugly age spots on your right arm, which is always exposed to the driver’s seat window.

You might need to know that drivers who are unprotected from UV rays develop skin cancer or brown spots on their right arm. Now that you know the hazards you face with un-tinted car windows and windshields, be selective with the type of window film that you choose. You can trust 3m film or solar window film to give maximum UV tint protection for your car.

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Are You Aware of the Legalities for Car Tinting?

A car windows tint should never be dark unless you have a medical exemption for lupus, melanoma, sunlight allergy, and photosensitivity.

Dark car-window-tint is not approved in several states because of the danger it poses to driving. Blame it on the reduced amount of light transmitted through the glass windows.

For driving visibility, local traffic laws require that the tint for your car windows and windshield should be within the gauge of 78% visible light luminescence or the amount of light that penetrates the car’s windows.

Do your research before you have your car windows tinted to avoid a traffic ticket or worse, confiscation of your car.

Is Car Window Tinting Expensive?

This depends on a variety of factors – film type, choice of tint shop, and warranty. Cheap car window tints can be had from shady operators for a hundred dollars or the price can go beyond $500 or more if you are keen on customized tinting from big-time shops.

Another thing, if your car is difficult to tint, expect to shell out more money. If you are keen on doing the job yourself, make sure you can do it or you might end up frustrated and spending more money than you had originally planned.

A car window tint, if suspiciously cheap, won’t last long. Go to a reputable car tint shop that has been around for a time if you want safety for yourself and good looks for your car at a reasonable price.

Top brands of auto and car window tint offer a variety of tint films for customers to choose from.

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