Colorful Water Slippers

by Vennessa
(El Paso, TX, USA)

I used to not really care for those plastic water shoes to go swimming because I thought they looked really tacky but lately I changed my mind.

You see the only place I ever went swimming was at the neighborhood pool or at a friends place so I never really had a need for these types of things.

I didn't actually use water shoes until I moved to New York a few years ago and boy was I ever glad that I bought them.

My ex husband wanted to go to the beach so we packed our bags and he asked if I had water shoes, of course I didn't.

He decided to go and buy some for me because he said that my feet would get really cut up if I didn't wear them.

So I am thinking to myself, gosh what must this place look like that I have to wear these things!

I am so very glad he bought them for me because there were so many rocks in the water and I even saw broken glass on the beach.

Since then I will always wear those beautiful purple and black water shoes at the beach.

That day was one of the only nice days he ever gave me.

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