Don't Hike with Board Shorts

by Noah
(New York, NY, USA)

I love board shorts. They are great really for doing anything in the water and look cool too. I use them every time I go to the beach as well as every time I go to the pool and enjoy greatly that they also have pockets for me to use.

One thing that I would warn people about and never recommend is that you do not go hiking with board shorts.

I went to Kauai, a small island of Hawaii with the intent of hanging out with some friends and having a fun spring break trip.

We did various things including jumping off a waterfall, visiting some cool sites on the island, surfing, sand sculpture building, and ultimate Frisbee.

We also went on a hike that consisted of going in two miles to see a waterfall, and going two miles out to end the hike. The hike was fun at first and was amazing to look at the scenery and enjoy being with friends.

It was also cool because halfway in there was a little beach area where you can relax and take a break by swimming a little and then continuing your hike. We made it to the waterfall and it was amazing; really huge and really fun to take pictures of.

The problem was about halfway out; I began to feel a pain on the insides of my legs and quickly realized I had developed a rash. The rest of the hike was pure pain and the next few days of the trip was also filled with this pain.

In conclusion: Don’t hike with board shorts.

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