Don't Make Light of the August Sun

by Michael
(Alabama, USA)

It was the middle of August a few years ago here in Alabama, and I had just come back from the University to the church.

We needed to have the grass mowed by the weekend, and it was a Thursday. So I got the push mower out and started going across the lawn.

I had worn jeans that day, which turned out to not be such a good idea.

As I pushed the mower, the first 45 minutes or so went OK, but soon after that, I started to feel dizzy.

It snuck up on me, but quickly I realized that I was close to fainting. So, I managed to safely stop the mower and make my way to the ground.

I'm not sure how long I lay in front of the place beside the mower, but eventually I was able to get up and make my way to the shade near the building, and finally inside the building to the bathroom, where I got sick.

After a few minutes running water over my head, I felt better, but I still waited a while before going back outside.

Thankfully I was almost done, and was able to finish the job in just a few more passes.

But since then, I never wear jeans when I do yard work, and I'm much more conscious of my body's reaction to the heat.

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