Drive with My Backhand Gloves

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA, USA)

I hate driving during summer or when I am in Asia as most of the times, the sun is on the steering wheel.

This makes my hands sweaty and dark especially during long drives or road trips.

It’s a good thing my friend gave me a gift on my birthday which was a pair of Anti UV driving gloves.

This was a cool gift since it has opening on your palms and your fingers are free so you still have a natural grip on the steering wheel.

It only covers the back of your hand and has a latch on the wrists and a rubber latch that locks at the hand of your infers so it does not fall off easily.

That’s probably why it’s called a backhander because it only covers what is necessary to be protected specially from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

Now, I always bring these with me whenever I go to Asia.

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