Driving Gloves

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Driving gloves are an integral part of your daily sun protection routine.

Driving gloves

This is mainly due to the fact that while your hands are on the wheel, they are receiving great amount of sun exposure.

This in turn lets yours hands be on the receiving side of a ton of ultraviolet radiation.

Research has shown that this kind of exposure to the skin, can cause premature aging and skin cancer.

Wake Up Call!

It was just a few years ago while I was on a road trip for several days, where I had no idea about all this.

I was driving mostly during the day when it was hot and sunny. Since I am used to having both hands on the wheel (maybe everyone should!), my hands were exposed to the burning sun real bad.

The interesting part is that you don't notice it right away.

But when I got back home, I noticed that my hands were both burned from the sun's UV rays. They were like a reddish brown color and itching too.

I learned my lesson.

This is a classic case of a sunburn and should be avoided at all times.

How do you avoid it?

Plan your route:

You can plan your route so that you don't necessarily have to face the sun straight on.

Tint your car:

You can tint your car windows as dark as the law allows (check with your installer) with the highest UV protection there is (about 98%)

Wear Driving Gloves:

You can wear fingerless gloves which are 3/4 length fingers for additional freedom and comfort


Full length gloves for maximum sun protection. These kinds not only cover your finger tips, but also your wrists and the lower part of your arm.


Your driving gloves must have a spf rating of 30 or higher. Otherwise, UPF 50+ gives you the best sun protection.

These could be made of leather, imitation leather or specially woven fabrics such as polyester.

Read the labels carefully!

knit gloves may not do the job since they are very porous and the sun's ultraviolet radiation will pass through them.

What's your size?

They typically run from 6.5 inches (extra small) to 10 inches (extra large).

How do you measure your size?

You go around your hand's knuckles once but exclude your thumb. If you like a loose fit, get the driving gloves one size larger.

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