Early Signs of Skin Cancer
Why You Need to Keep Watch

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The early signs of skin cancer can go unnoticed if you are not looking for them. You need to check your body regularly to see if there are any places that have shown up that don't look right, or if a place has changed in appearance. This is doubly so if you are somebody who enjoys the sun.

If you get a lot of sun exposure you heighten your risk of skin cancer. This is why you need to be more aware of what your skin is doing than those who get little if any sun exposure. When you spot the early signs of skin cancer you have a better chance of getting rid of it quickly.

What Doctors Are Recommending

Today the doctors are recommending the application of some type of sun protection before anyone goes out in the sun. This will need to be reapplied at intervals throughout your sun exposure.

Yes the doctors say you need some sun for vitamin D production in the body. But this only takes about 10 to 20 minutes a day. Not the several hours most people spend in the sun basking in it to get tanned.

Dermatologists are recommending that you get your body checked over by them for any early signs of skin cancer too. This will help them point out any moles or discoloration in the skin that you should keep watch on.

Any changes in your skin could be a sign that skin cancer is starting to appear. So in between your fun in the sun days make an appointment and have your body checked.

Early detection of any type of cancer makes the chance of cure greater. If you don't catch it in time it can take a long time to get it under control. In some cases it is too far gone as with melanoma and it can cause death.

Early Signs of Skin Cancer

What Are the Early Signs?

One of the early signs for Basal Cell Carcinoma or Basal Skin Cancer is waxy or pearly bump located on our neck, face, or ears. You could also see a brown or flesh-colored, flat lesion located on your back or chest.

With the Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Squamous Cell Skin Cancer shows up as red firm nodule located in the facial are including the neck along with the ears, arms, and hands. It can also show up as a crusted, scaly, flat lesion on the neck, ears, arms, or hands.

Malignant Melanoma can show up several ways. It could come in the form of a mole, that can happen anywhere on the body, which has changed in size, color, or that starts bleeding. Another way it could show is a large spot that is brownish in color with some darker spots within it; this can also be on various parts of the body.

Another way the melanoma is in the form of a lesion small in size with a jagged border in blue (or bluish-black), red, or white spots located on your arms, legs, or trunk. These are only few ways you can suspect you have melanoma.

These are just a few of the early signs of skin cancer that you sun lovers need to be aware of. So play in the sun wisely, but be aware of what your body is doing.

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