Fleece Gloves

by Samantha
(New England, USA)

I like to get a set of gloves that are multi purpose. I like mittens, but they do not provide a full range of motion.

I have never been a big glove fan, but because I live in New England, I realize that it is a necessary part of winter.

I have found that the best driving gloves are those, which are regular, gloves but also a mitten.

I found a good pair at gap a few years ago and have seen them around in other stores.

These gloves have a mitten “flap” that covers your fingers and provides for extra warmth.

Just as a tip, don’t leave your gloves in the car. It defeats the purpose of wearing gloves.

I advise leaving your gloves on a radiator or near a warm surface so when you go outside your hands are toasty and warm.

I find that wearing leather gloves while driving is very slippery. Overall, find a nice pair of fleece gloves.

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