Heat Exhaustion

by Garrett
(Bradenton, Florida, USA)

I was at my baseball practice in the beginning of August in Bradenton, Florida.

It was about 90 degrees outside and I did not have much to drink the entire day.

I started getting dizzy on my way out to the field, but, it was when I started working out that I began to feel the heat exhaustion coming on.

The team had to do laps around the field and I pulled my coach off to the side and told him that my head was spinning and that I could not even stand up straight.

He called the trainer and told him that I was not feeling well and they took me inside where they told me that I had heat exhaustion.

He told me that the reason why I got it was because of my diet. I needed to take in less sodium and drink more water throughout the day.

I ended up feeling alright at the end of the day.

However, it is easier for me to get heat exhaustion now that I have already had it.

I need to be careful and I advise anyone who will be in the heat anytime soon to drink plenty of water and keep themselves cool.

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