History of Skin Cancer is a Determining Factor

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Family history of skin cancer can be a determining factor for your risk of getting it. Your genetics could make your body more likely to develop one of the skin cancers. This is true for many of the cancers and other diseases. Not all skin cancers are only caused by getting too much exposure to the UVB or UVA rays of the sun.

However, if you have a history of skin cancer in your family then you should be extra cautious when in the sun. You may even want to wear a stronger SPF sun protection cream than a person that doesn't have a family history of it.

There are a variety of factors that can increase the risk of skin cancer with you. Below is a look at some of these factors.


There is the FAMMM (familial atypical mole malignant melanoma) syndrome that can affect some families. In these families the risk of melanoma is so high that they need constant screening for any sign that skin cancer is developing.

Fair Skin

Fair skin does not have the same amount of pigment as darker skin does. Because of this fact fair skin is less protected from the UVA or UVB rays of the sun. If you are a redhead, blond, eyes that are lightly colored, and you sunburn or freckle easily then you have a much higher risk for skin cancer that someone with darker skin or other features.

History of Skin Cancer

Too Much Exposure to the Sun

This could happen easily if you have to work outdoors all day and do not use the sunscreen as you should. You can also get too much sun by being into tanning yourself in excess without uv protection. Remember you are actually damaging you skin this way and that is why the tan appears.

Previous Skin Cancer

If you have had your own history of skin cancer you are at higher risk for getting more of it. Even nonmalignant cancers can reoccur within about 2 or 3 years of having them removed.

An Impaired Immune System

When your immune system is impaired from working right you can easily get skin cancer. Whether it is from taking certain drugs that suppress the immune system or something as extreme as leukemia you are higher risk wise from developing certain diseases such as skin cancer.


The more sunburns you have had over the course of your life the higher your chances for skin cancer. Even if all your sunburns were when you were a kid the increased risk is the same as if you got them as an adult. This is why sun protection is so important.

The Older You Are

The older you get the risk goes up for developing many health condition not just the skin cancer. But age only increases the risk of getting it. You can get it at any age.

These are only a few of the factors which determine your risk for developing a history of skin cancer in your life. Make sure to use uv protection to keep your risk down. If you notice anything strange going on with your skin, consult a doctor immediately.

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