How I Made Sure My Baby Comes Out with Me Always with Her Sunglasses On

by Rita
(New Jersey, USA)

As I am basically a medical staff by profession, I am used to attend meetings and lectures about preventive methods to all possible infections and diseases very regularly.

I attended a seminar on eye protection for children last month and that seminar opened my eyes about the importance of sun protection in babies.

The first job I did when I came back home is I took my baby straight to an eye care specialist in the same hospital where I work.

I got a complete advice given by his associate to my child and made her understand the importance of sunglasses and the importance of eye protection from the harmful UV radiation from the sun.

The doctor explained the kid about the importance of resistant lenses and the harmful effects that she may face after growing old. The doctor also advised me on purchasing, to buy a sun glass with a frame made of cloth and not any plastic or fiber.

When I searched for baby sunglasses I really got impressed and almost amazed at the collection of different varieties and models available in the market.

My daughter spent about 2 long hours to select just three pairs of sunglasses. She was more impressed at the hat-type model available now.

I picked up the right size for her and I was pretty happy that she selected the hat-type model because there is no worry whether she may misplace it somewhere.

There was a long elastic strap that came around her chin and it is for sure that it will fit her eyes perfectly and doesn’t fall even when she is playing.

The most important message that I would like to convey is that the trick I made. Once I decided to get my child a baby sunglass the idea that struck my mind was to first educate her on the need of a sunglass and the effects of the harmful UV radiation from the sun.

By doing this I don’t have to insist her daily to wear her glasses or remind her about her glasses every time I take her out. She does it herself and I am happy now.

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