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Everyone Wins 
I don’t know if I am a particularly easy to bully person, but my son has never allowed me to wear my sunglasses in peace, ever since he learnt to grab. …

Precious Eyes Need Protection 
I've always had bad eyesight. It runs in my family. So when my first son was born, I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure that his eyesight would …

Finding the Right Baby Sunglasses Not rated yet
After I finalized shopping for sun protective clothing and infant swimwear for my little 4 months old son, it was time to move on to search for …

Let Your Baby Say Hi to the Sun with Baby Sunglasses Not rated yet
Every parent cares for their child in all aspects, especially the cute look of their babies. To protect the baby’s delicate and sensitive eyes from UV …

Baby Sunglasses are So Adorable Not rated yet
When my daughter was about ten months old my husband bought her a really cute pair to protect her eyes, since I had her outside in the stroller for …

How I Made Sure My Baby Comes Out with Me Always with Her Sunglasses On Not rated yet
As I am basically a medical staff by profession, I am used to attend meetings and lectures about preventive methods to all possible infections and diseases …

How I Protect My Baby’s Eyes Not rated yet
I am very fond of my baby girl and make sure that I provide her complete protection. Whenever I go for outing or shopping I dress her in such a manner …

Oops! Not rated yet
We all know that we need to protect the eyes of our youth. Because not only do these eyes see our future but the things that they see now will mold …

Protect Your Baby's Eyes Not rated yet
Dear Moms, Dads and everybody, I will begin by saying that 80% of your information is received by your eyes. Now you have an extra reason to …

Baby Fashion Sunglasses Not rated yet
If you have ever had a baby, or maybe more than one baby, to watch out for, then you know that babies have very small and sensitive eyes. Their …

Story of Miki and His Sunglasses Not rated yet
Miki is a small boy aged 7 years old. He lives with his parents. He wants to have a pair of baby sunglasses , since he has had some problems …

Protect Your Baby’s Eyes Early! Not rated yet
There’s nothing as important as protecting your baby from life’s harmful influences. Parents take great care in what they feed and clothe their …

Cutie Baby Sunglasses for Your Baby Not rated yet
Australia is known to be exposed with the sun’s ultraviolet rays ( UV rays ) among other places. Baby Banz sunglasses were designed originally …

My Daughter and Baby Sunglasses Not rated yet
Baby sunglasses are so adorable! When my daughter was about ten months old I bought her a really cute pair to protect her eyes, since I had her outside …

Baby Sunglasses: Cute but Uncomfortable for the Baby Not rated yet
At the end of this past summer, my sister’s new baby was four months old and making a lot of outings with his parents. His daddy plays Victorian …

Babies Need Shades Too Not rated yet
There’s nothing cuter than seeing an infant or toddler wearing baby sunglasses . That’s because it’s not as common of a sight on babies as it …

Sunglasses for My Daughter Not rated yet
My kid when she was a baby I bought her a pair of baby sunglasses so that her eyes were protected form the harmful UV rays . I bought it on …

Hollywood Glamour Baby Style Not rated yet
I have this friend who is so into the latest fashion trends and all things Hollywood that I just adore. She is always looking like she stepped out …

We Can't Live Without Our Sunglasses Not rated yet
My daughter absolutely freaks out when the sun shines in her eyes. If I hear her shrieking from the backseat, I know most likely what the problem …

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