I Chose a Sun Protection Umbrella at Last

by Vickie
(New York, NY, USA)

I used to play golf almost every weekend and that is part and parcel of my lifestyle. I don’t get a satisfaction whatever I do throughout my weekend.

Whether it's a Saturday night party or a Sunday lunch party it all doesn’t matter, unless I indulge myself in the golf course for at least half a day on the weekends.

My wife was the one who noticed it first, few dark spots and burns in my skin. And after she told me about that we used to wonder that I get that every Monday and it goes off by Friday.

She was the one who again reminded me that it may be because of my exposure to direct sunlight in the golf course.

Then she recommended me a few sunscreen creams with sun protection formula. I tried more than three brands and the result was not so impressive.

I could still find those marks on my hands and neck. It got past almost two months by trying various creams and some home treatments, but everything failed.

At last we decided to consult our family doctor, and he straight away insisted me to buy a UV Sun Protection Umbrella. I bought a new silver colored (my favorite color) umbrella.

I made sure that was big enough to cover me as I am pretty bulky when I stand out in the sun resting in the middle of my play time.

I was pretty amazed the first week itself, I saw a lot of difference, that I didn’t have an exhausted feeling at all after I finished and returned back home.

I found that my skin was as normal as everyday without any mark or sunburn on Monday morning.

The doctor was the one who explained me about Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun which are one of the causes of skin cancer. Now I feel pretty safe and a lot more confident about my skin.

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