I Need a Vitamin D Supplement in the Middle of Summer?

by Peg

I work as a teacher in a daycare. Not a hard job. In the summer almost every waking hour is spent playing outside in the sun with the kids.

We are required to put sunscreen on them twice a day (if their parents want them to wear it.) I wear none, however.

I just play all day in the sun with no sunscreen on other than the tiny bit that’s in my makeup.

So when I went for my yearly doctor’s check up and blood work, you could say I was a little more than surprised to find out that I had Vitamin D Deficiency!

My doctor recommended I take a supplement of 2000 IUs a day.

She said the brand didn’t matter. So I went out to CVS and bought their store brand of Vitamin D Supplements.

They are the most difficult pills I have ever had to swallow in my life. It’s like they don’t even put them in the tumbler (or whatever they use) to make them smooth at all!

It’s just this chalky, powdery finish that gets stuck in my throat every single darn morning. I will never buy that brand again. Their multi-vitamin is fine, however.

I haven’t been back for more blood work since starting on these supplements but they better be working!

Food Sources of Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D Absorption

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