Infant Sun Hats
How to Entice Your Toddler to Wear Their Sun Hat

Buying infant sun hats is regarded as extremely important for a child's safety and proper growth. The reason for this is simply that the sun's UV rays can be seriously damaging to the tender skin of toddlers.

Most mothers would be able to tell you why sun hats for infants are so important for the well being of infants, but would look with dread if you ask them how they make their kids wear them.

Consider the following:

The reason why children need sun hats more than adults:

Children, especially infants, have very susceptible bodies. This means that they come under sway of external influences more easily than older people.

The reason for this is simply that at a very young age, a child is still developing the immunity to battle different things in the environment and, up until they build their immunity, they need to be protected.

The skin of an infant is extremely sensitive, and sunshine these days has a lot more content of ultraviolet rays than it used to have earlier. This is why you need to protect infants from the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun by making them wear infant sun hats.

The trick to making toddlers wear their sun hats:

If you have ever tried, then you know how difficult it is to get a toddler to wear sun hats. Most children feel uncomfortable about wearing something on their heads because they want their head to be as unrestricted as is logically possible.

However, toddlers can quickly change their mind if you only give them something more important than keeping their heads free. Yes, the answer is cartoons.

This is cartoons, not on television but on their infant sun hats. Having sun hats that carry images and stills from famous kiddy shows of the time and region can be a great incentive for your child to wear the hat.

Therefore, if your child likes Spiderman, get him a Spiderman sun hat; if he likes Tom and Jerry then get him a sun hat reflecting the two characters.

As you have already surmised, the child would immediately start begging you to let him wear the hat for days at a stretch.

Benefits of a sun hat:

Firstly, as explained above, the sun hat will protect your child from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition to this, by wearing sun hats, your child will gradually learn the value of protecting oneself from the adverse impacts of overexposure to the sun.

Sun protection is something that you should teach your child at a very young age to keep the extended exposure effects to the minimum.

The most important thing about toddler sun hats:

The most important thing you need to keep in mind about toddler sun hats is that they are able to achieve their purpose i.e. protect your child from the sun.

The UV protection of infant sun hats can be determined on the basis of the hat's UPF rating. The best UPF rating that you can get for your child is 50+ which means that the hat blocks around 98 percent of the harmful rays.

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