Macular Degeneration Cure
for Smokers

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If you are a smoker, read on. Luckily for smokers, there is a macular degeneration cure to prevent the eye disorder from progressing rapidly or preventing it from happening.

Early Detection:

If your mom smokes and is complaining that straight lines have gone wavy, it is cause for alarm. Instead of running to the optometrist, go directly to an ophthalmologist to find out if your mom is developing AMD or age related macular degeneration.

The earlier you take her to the eye doctor, the better to catch the disorder in its early stages because there is a macular degeneration cure to slow the progress of fading focal vision.

AMD is associated with old age; people think this is inevitable and not preventable. The disorder can develop in a few weeks or years and when it strikes can be devastating because it is not easy for anyone to lose one’s precious vision.

While you are at it, have your eyes checked too specially if you are a smoker and exposed daily to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The doctor can detect the disorder before symptoms manifest – woozy vision, fading central vision, and difficulty recognizing faces.

A macular degeneration test will identify if you have dry or wet AMD, which most likely both are brought about by aging. The only course is to prevent the disease from progressing rapidly by modifying lifestyle, undergoing drug or laser treatment to prevent further loss of central vision.

Macular Degeneration Cure

Smoking and AMD:

Are you a smoker? Smokers are likely to get the AMD than non-smokers. Smoking hardens the arteries and decreases the flow of oxygenized blood to vital organs, including the eyes.

AMD afflicted smokers are dosed with vitamin c, natural vitamin E, zinc, and cupric oxide to go with lutein and zeaxanthin but never carotenoids, which hastens the development of lung cancer.

In general, most of those who undergo the macular degeneration test, smokers and non-smokers show mild forms of the disorder and it is estimated that only 70% have no AMD disorders.

The 30% who have AMD have treatment options – to check the progression of fading central vision. STOP Smoking now if you don’t want to catch AMD during the twilight years. Even in old age, there is much to relish about life.

What is the Best Macular Degeneration Cure?

For non-smokers with wet AMD, doctors recommend the AREDS formula which combines vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, zinc and cupric oxide. This reduces the risk of progression of AMD by 25%. There are other treatments which smokers and non-smokers can get.

Laser therapy fix leaky blood vessels and photo-dynamic therapy a process that involves injecting medication into the blood stream reaches the eye tissues.

A cold laser is shone over the eye to activate the medication into destroying the leaking blood vessels. Another treatment option is directly injecting the eye with medication (Lucentis) to slow down the AMD.

There is an experimental treatment for though definitive conclusion as to its effectiveness. The 10 week Rhelpheresis treatment is applied to patients with advanced to late stage of dry AMD.

Medical science is still looking for the perfect macular degeneration cure . But there are several treatments available to check the spread of the eye disorder.

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