Malibu Dream Girl 2 pc Floral Tankini

by Susan
(Houston, TX, USA)

Malibu Dream Girl 2-pc Floral Tankini Set in beach fashion for small girls

I bought the Malibu Dream Girl 2-pc Floral Tankini Set for my 10-year-old daughter. It looks fabulous and is very comfortable for her.

I bought this last spring when we decided to spend our weekend on a beach and she was very excited about that.

Normally we don’t go out much and so kids are overjoyed when they hear about an outing. So I decided to buy some kids swimwear for her that would maximize her enjoyment on the beach.

The Malibu Tankini set is perfectly designed for a young girl and the top has floral prints and it gets tied around the neck and back.

The top is longer in length than usual girls bathing suits, which I like because it gives better coverage and that keeps my daughter at ease too.

The contrast dots on it add a little shine to the top that gives a childish look too. The high quality fabric let my daughter have fun all day in the sun without any discomfort.

Of course, sun protection and sun safety first!

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