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Math games for kids could be a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Since it's done as a game, it will be perceived as such and not as homework.

math games for kids

This is an exercise, so when the real thing comes up in class they will be ready for it.

One way to learn and remember the exercises is using some kind of a visual aid.

For instance pictures or drawings of the exercise would be helpful. This way the kids will associate the visual aid with the exercise.

Therefore it will be harder to forget, rather than just some numbers.

Kids math games can also be done using objects or coins.

Of course coins should be used for older children only.

I recall one of the best ways that I used to learn how to count was by using a jar of coins.

As you may remember, you would empty out the jar on a flat surface.

Then start counting the coins until you were up in the tens.

As you grew older you learned to count as high as several hundreds.

You knew that was tiresome, but it was worth it.

I built up my strength in math and math games for kids, by familiarizing myself with numbers at an early age.

I would also spread out the coins, and build high towers with them. Some towers would be built by using only ten coins, while others used up a lot more coins.

Normally the larger the coin, the higher you could go. This would give me a visual perspective of numbers, additions and heights.

Did you say coins and marbles?

Yes. Another kids math games could done using a combination of items.

I used to mix a bag of marbles with a bag of coins. This would make it more of a challenge to count and add.

This requires concentration and discipline so that you count only the marbles or the coins and not both.

Otherwise, you could start counting both together and never know how many of each items you actually have.

At times I would also lay them out flat in a row to see how long they measure to be.

For instance how many inches is a row of 20 coins. This gave me a perspective in length and distance.

Fruits Are Fun and Edible Too!

As you know, another kind of fun math games for kids was using fruits. This was done whether it was real fruits or just on paper.

The whole idea was to create a visual effect which would stick to your mind for a long time.

kids math games

For instance you would count rows of apples and see how many there are on each row.

Please see this math games for kids sample sheet or this other math games sample sheet and download for free.

They will open in PDF format.

Kids math games: A game of numbers

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. This could not be truer in my case.

I may have been gifted a little bit, but that was only the beginning.

For your kids to be smart and successful in math, they need to practice numbers, additions and subtraction several times a day.

Here are the steps:

• Know your numbers really good

• Practice counting numbers on paper really good

• Practice counting items or objects really good

• Practice adding numbers on paper really good

• Practice adding items or objects really good

• Practice subtracting items or objects really good (by taking away some)

Please see these math games for kids sheets and download for free.

It will open in PDF format.

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