My Driving Gloves

by Anonymous

I possess driving gloves which I wear while riding my bike.

It is very cozy and comfortable and provides a better grip on the handle of the bike.

When ever I go for a ride on my bike I wear my gloves.

It is very useful during cold climates too, as the numbness you feel otherwise would not be felt by wearing the gloves.

The glove that I have is a dark brown leather glove. I have bought it from a sports store near my town.

It fits my hands well and I have been using it for a year.

My hand also doesn’t hurt on long drives as they are very comfortable.

There are a wide variety of driving gloves available in the market.

Some are full length ones as well as those which are shorter and thereby expose your fingers.

I own a pair of full length driving gloves, for maximum sun protection as well as cold weather use.

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