My Girlfriend and Her Family’s Battle

by David

Soon after I began dating my girlfriend I learned of her family’s battle with Macular Degeneration.

Nearly all of her family has Macular Degeneration in some form.

Her mom has only 5% of her vision left, her aunt quit driving this year after her vision became so bad, her uncle can only use his peripheral vision, and her grandpa just got in a four wheeler accident last year due to his eroded vision.

I never realized how prevalent this terrible disease would be in my life. I am afraid because my girlfriend has it too and I know that she could lose her vision at any time during our life together.

This terrifies me.

It is very sad because even her cousin who is 7 years old can barely see. I just wish there was a way for them to all see well again.

I never knew this disease could affect people so young, I thought it was only for older people.

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