My Husband's Favorite Board Shorts

by Klyie
(Akron, OH, USA)

When my husband and I lived in Florida he literally lived in board shorts. He had his own landscaping business so he even wore them to work!

When he wasn’t working he was in the water. He’s an avid surfer, fisherman, and swimmer. He’s probably tried just about every brand of board shorts on the market.

He’s tried everything from the most inexpensive to the most expensive. His favorite by far is Billabong board shorts. The RU Serious short is his favorite. They are made of a stretch fabric and have a water-repellant coating on them.

So not only are they comfortable but they are perfect for swimming and surfing. I love the Billabong shorts because not only is my hubby comfortable but he’s also stylish. I think he has every color that they’ve made over the last few years and he owns several pair of each color.

He wears his board shorts because they’re both comfortable and functional. He can be ready to hit the surf at any moment. Whenever opportunity knocks he’s ready.

We no longer live in Florida, but we vacation there every year. And from April through October my husband still manages to get plenty of use out of his Billabong’s.

He even wears them with a sweatshirt in the fall. And during the winter months he sometimes wears them while lounging around the house. Board shorts are the perfect apparel for anyone who is a lover of water sports or someone who just likes to be casual and comfortable.

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