My Mamaw and Macular Degeneration

by Ashley
(Indiana, USA)

About eight years ago my Grandmother was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. For several years prior to that she had noticed that she was losing her peripheral vision.

She described it as having paper towel tubes up to her eyes, since she could only see what was directly in front of her.

After her diagnosis, she had to decide if she wanted to go through with the surgery to correct the problem.

After discussing it with my Grandfather and the rest of the family she decided that the surgery was the best option.

The details of the surgery were scary to think about. They had to remove her entire left eye and injected saline.

For the next several weeks she had to lay as flat on her stomach as possible so that the bubble in the saline would stay in place over the hole in her retina.

She was only allowed up to use the restroom, but had to stay bent over as best she could. A massage table with the hole cut out for the face was rented.

She had to spend several weeks laying on the table while she ate, drank, and slept. My Grandfather used a music stand for her to sit a book on so that she could read and set up a series of mirrors so that she could see the television.

After weeks of being uncomfortable and bored to death it was finally time to see the doctor. She was given the good news that the problem and her vision had seemed to improve.

Being restricted the way she was took a toll on her, but she is glad that she went ahead and did it. She said that being able to see her grandchildren was worth any sacrifice she had to make.

Macular Degeneration

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