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You must not dismiss nose skin cancer if you believe that you may have it. The reasons are very obvious, of course, as skin cancer in any part of your body is a dangerous thing to possess. It can lead to your death if and when not immediately treated by a competent doctor.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to stop nose skin cancer in its tracks. These ways are very practical to adopt so there is no need to be afraid of medical terms being thrown your way once too often.

Check Your Nose

If you have the risk factors for skin cancer, you must always check your nose for its signs and symptoms. If you have fair skin, love unprotected sun exposure especially around noon and have a family history of skin cancer, then you are more likely to get the disease.

So, what exactly are the signs of skin cancer on the nose? Well, the symptoms will depend on the type of skin cancer that you may have at present.

If you have basal cell carcinoma, watch out for a waxy or pearly bump on your nose while a squamous cell carcinoma will either be a firm, red nodule or a flat lesion with a crusted, scaly surface. You had better pray that it is not malignant melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, with its large brownish spots, among other symptoms.

nose skin cancer

Save Your Nose with Treatments

Don't despair, however, if you have been diagnosed with nose skin cancer. You have many treatment options available, thanks to advances in medical science in the past few years. The important thing is that you caught the disease in its early forms.

If you had waited any longer than necessary, you and your doctor will have a harder time killing the cancer cells, which may mean that losing your nose is a possibility.

Your doctor's first treatment option is to blast the affected area with liquid nitrogen or cut it with a hot knife. Either of these options is effective for the milder forms of skin cancer on the nose.

However, if you are unlucky enough to have large-sized cancer or malignant melanoma, your doctor will consider surgery. Still, the surgical operation is in itself very easy to do so no worries on that point.

You also need not worry about going around in town with a less-than-perfect nose. You can always ask your doctor about reconstructive surgery, which should bring back your nose to its former glory. Or better yet, it can pave the way for your broken nose to be fixed.

Protect Your Nose from Recurrence

Once your skin cancer on the nose has been treated, you still have a responsibility to ensure that it will not return. Once you have had skin cancer, you are more likely to experience a recurrence if you are not too careful about prevention.

Basically, you should avoid the things and activities that brought on the skin cancer in the first place. You should avoid overexposure to the sun especially without UV protection and during the time from 9AM to 3PM.

Nose skin cancer is almost completely avoidable. You have to adopt sun protection measures coupled with a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle, all of which will make your body better able to resist cancer.

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