Outdoor Concert Brings Good Time with Serious Consequences

by Mary
(Ralston, NE, USA)

My girlfriends and I decided to attend an all day outdoor concert. We were all in our early twenties, and thought it would be a great break and a wonderful opportunity to bond.

The concert was two and a half hours away, and we knew it would be way too late for us to attempt to come home. So, we decided to stay the night at a local motel.

The temperature outside was an unusually high, and there was little water, and even less shade. The chairs in the stadium were hot, and it seemed cooler to be out walking around instead of sitting.

My girlfriends were all wearing one piece swimsuits tops and shorts to try and keep cool. My best friend Mitchie decided to get an awesome tan in the sweltering heat and walked around the fairgrounds.

During this short duration, we told her she was turning red. She kept ignoring us, and spent the whole day out in sweltering over 100 degree heat.

Since it was held on fairgrounds, water was very expensive, and they didn't have any free water available to try and combat the heat.

When the concert was over, we headed to our hotel. Mitchie collapsed on the bed as soon as we got there.

She said she was going to take a short nap and to bring her back something to eat. She just wasn't up to trying to go out to eat. Little did we know she had become overheated from lack of sun protection to her skin.

She was physically sick, and we had a horrible time trying to wake her. We were so young, we didn't think about taking her to a doctor. She slept through the night and the entire next day.

We did get her to wake a couple of times for water, but the whole experience made us realize that we need to protect ourselves from the sun.

We never attempted anything like that ever again.

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